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  • Labor Certifications Continue to Process Quickly

    Processing times for labor certifications continue quickly with the process taking approximately 1 1/2 years to complete.  The process is available if you are overseas or here in the USA.  Contact our office for more details on how to proceed with your application.

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  • Visa Bulletin

    The State Department Published its Visa Bulletin for May 2017 listing processing dates.

  • President Trump Executive Order Summary

    President Trump issued several Executive Orders Relating to Immigration - especially affected are persons with criminal convictions and prior orders of deportation/removal.

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  • Waivers - What to Do Now?

    In anticipation of future potential changes, we recommend that persons eligible to file for waivers of any type - should do so now.

    Persons who are in the USA without a valid visa, may apply for a waiver provided that they have a US Citizen or Permanent Resident Spouse or Parent.

  • DACA - Deferred Action Recipients - on Hold

    President Trump has not made any decisions on the DACA program.  Likely, DACA will not be extended and recipients will not be allowed to travel on Advance Parole.

    DACA recipients should strive to file for permanent residency as soon as possible through sponsorship through family members or employers.