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We assist clients in the thorough analysis of their eligibility for US Citizenship.  We complete and file applications, assist clients in going through the testing process, and joint clients in representing them at their Citizenship Interviews at the Immigration Service.

An applicant for Citizenship (naturalization) subjects themselves to a thorough review of their character, ability to communicate in English, and the manner in which they obtained permanent residency.

It is CRITICAL that you consult our office PRIOR to filing an application for Citizenship if you have been arrested or detained by Immigration.

At your Citizenship interview you will be asked to answer 10 questions (out of 100 possible questions) and will be asked to read and write a sentence out loud. In addition, you will be expected to converse with the Immigration Officer and be knowledgable about all of the questions you completed on your application.

For further information, please contact our office.

The following aids are available from the US Citizenship & Immigration Service to assist you in preparing for your exam.    The test consists of a written and oral portion of English and US Civics and history.
Click on the links in red to be taken directly to the USCIS web site and the study guides.
General Overview of All Questions
Civics Flash Cards *****
100 Questions and Answers
Reding Vocabulary Flash Cards
Reading Vocabulary List of Words Used
Writing Vocabulary Flash Cards
Writing Vocabulary List of Words Used