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Visa Bulletin

Every month, the Department of State publishes the priority dates of certain applications that are being:
1. Accepted for filing
2. Processed - approvable.

Here we re-print the earlier of the two dates - the dates upon which individuals can file an application in a specific visa category. Actual approvable dates are listed separately.

We cannot guarantee accuracy, and suggest you always contact our office for more detailed information and to verify the below.

Visa Bulletin processing dates are set by the Department of State after an analysis of the number of applicants applying for permanent residency compared to the limited number of visas available in every visa year (beginning October 1). The processing dates are subject to change each month, and may move forward or regress. At times, these processing dates also can move forward or backward by several months or even years.

For more information see the State Department Web Site at
  • Current Visa Bulletin June 2018 

Family Based - Accepting Application Dates for Filing

Relationship & Category All Countries
(except India, Mexico &
Mexico India
US Citizen for Spouse & Children <21
(no wait)
(no wait)
(no wait)
US Citizen for Children >21
obywatel - dla dzieci >21 lat
8 January 2012

15 July 1998
8 January 2012
Green Card Holders - for Chlidren <21 & Spouses
Rezydent - dla wspolmalzonka I dzieci <21 lat
        22 September 2017      
      22 September 2017     
     22 September 2017     
Green Card Holders for Children >21
Rezydent - dla dzieci >21 lat

8 September 2011
22 May 1997 8 September 2011
US Citizen for Married Children
Obywatel dla zameznengo/
zonatego dziecka
8 September 2006
22 September 1998
8 September 2006
US Citizen - Siblings & their families
Obywatel dla rodzenstwa
1 April 2005
08 May 1998 1 December 2004

Employment Based Priority Filing Dates

The table lists dates of applications being accepted for filing.
Employment Based
Visa Category

All Countries
 (except China, India
& Philippines, Mexico
Guatelma, El Salvador,

India Philipines
Masters Degree Holders
(no wait)
        26 December 2008        current
Skilled Worker
(2+ years experience)
Przez pracy - z 2 lata doswiadczenia
(no wait)
1 May 2008         1 Sept. 2013           
Other Workers
(<2 >
(no wait)
1 May 2008 1 Sept. 2013

Diversity Visa Lottery - DV VISA 2018

The Immigration Service and Consular Processing through National Visa Center NVC are accepting numbers selected up to and including (by region).  Reminder - DV Lottery Cases are very time senstive, applicant's must adjust their status before the end of the fiscal year - September 30th.
Region of Nationality
of Applicant
Lottery Numbers
Who May File
Africa 28,300 (except Ethiopia & Egypt)                 
Asia 7,800 (except Iran & Nepal)
Europe 20,300
South America 1,275