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  • Immigration Court reopening on 7/6 for individual hearings.  Master Calendars Rescheduled Until Fall
    06/03/2020 | Immigration Court
    If you have a case set for Immigration Court, contact our office for more details.  The Immigration Judges and prosecutor, or ICE Chief Counsel's Office is open and functioning; including responding to requests.  

    Court cases scheduled on 7/6 will be heard as scheduled if they are for INDIVIDUAL or full hearings.  

    All master calendar - or status cases - will not be heard until the fall.  

    Detained cases - persons in custody - have been heard continuously.

  • Library of Congress Changes Definition of Illegal Aliens
    The Library of Congress, after years of petitions from a student group at Dartmouth College has stopped using "illegal" and "alien" in subject headings for literature about immigration.Students with the Dartmouth Coalition For Immigration Reform, Equality and DREAMers, or CoFIRED, along with the support of the American Library Association led a campaign to change the language. Subject headings will use "unauthorized" and "non-citizen" when referring to undocumented immigrants."Nearly two years later, the Library of Congress has made a change in favor of our humanity which will have ripple effects on institutions across the country."
  • H1B Visa Deadline Approaches - 4/1/2016

    Skilled Worker (H1B) Visa Deadline Application Nears - April 1

    Applicants for H1B visas are strongly encouraged to contact our office as soon as possible to begin the application process.  

    Especially given the continued shortage of skilled worker visas, applicants may be selected by a lottery system and only if their application is filed during the first few days of the process.