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In today's ever changing and more restrictive climate, we ensure the optimal resolution of your immigration matters.   We obsessively research changes to the law and recent local and national outcomes to ensure that our clients have the strongest legal representation.
  • Permanent residency through employment/job offers 
  • Sponsoring relatives. 
  • Work visas for employees, specialists and performers and artists.  
  • Legalization of status - through job offers for employees and family members
  • Waivers for overstayed visas, illegal entries, or criminal violations
  • Representing arrested individuals - release on bond, parole, release from custody
  • Immigration Court matters - bond hearings, terminating removal, cancellation of removal
  • Advising employers and individuals as to their rights under immigration law and immigration court system
  • Strategizing with clients on immigration matters related to employment including compliance and dealing with employee verification audits
  • Work visas for highly skilled and seasonal workers
  • Work visas for performers and individuals with unique educational, business and scientific backgrounds
  • Citizenship - verifying eligibility, advising on complex issues, optimizing prosecutorial discretion
  • Student visas - assisting with complex issues and employment authorization through training programs.