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    07/06/2018 | USCIS

    The Immigration Service issued a new policy memorandum listing that many new cases should be sent to Immigration Court for Deportation or Removal Proceedings.   The Immigration Service is now required to issue more NTA (Notice to Appear) directing a case to the Immigration Courts for furhter action.   This includes cases where an immigrant is accused of a crime, not only if they have a conviction; and importantly, this also includes situations where an applicant for Naturalization is denied because they lack good moral character.

  • CRITICAL change in Immigration Policy - J, F, M Visa Holders Will Start Accruing Unlawful Presence as of August 9, 2018
    05/15/2018 | USCIS - DHS

    USCIS has announced a critical policy change - certain visa holders in categories - F, M, and J - will start accruing unlawful presence in the USA as soon as they violate their status.  This is a complete departure from years-long policy where visa holders in those categories did not accrue unlawful presence UNTIL they were declared to have violated their status.

    Visa Holders in these categories should consult our office as soon as possible to discuss their options under this new restrictive policy.

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  • Student/ M-1/ J-1 Visa Holders Get Relief

    A Federal court has suspended USCIS negative policy memorandum which classified many F-1, J-1 and M-1 visa holders as unlawfully present in the US if they overstayed their visa or worked without authorization.  The Court stated that USCIS (Immigration) must TEMPORARILY continue their old policy which stated that holders of these visas were only detrermined to be out of status and acquiring unlawful presence when they were officially declared by an Immigation Officer or Judge.


  • Denied Cases Lead to Deportation
    09/27/2018 | aila.org

    Starting Oct. 1, USCIS (Immigration Service) will begin deportation proceedings against persons whose applications are denied for an extension/change of visa status, or who are sponsored for permanent residency by a family member.  This new procedure will not be implemented with respect to employment-based petitions and humanitarian applications and petitions.

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  • Waivers - What to Do Now?

    In anticipation of future potential changes, we recommend that persons eligible to file for waivers of any type - should do so now.

    Persons who are in the USA without a valid visa, may apply for a waiver provided that they have a US Citizen or Permanent Resident Spouse or Parent.