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  • Kurczaba Law Offices
    Kurczaba Law Offices, PC Chicago - Christopher Kurczaba, known attorney in the Polish American Community concentrating in Immigration Matters displays his newest promotional advertisement with satisfied clients - Andrzej Fonfara - known boxer and Champion, Agnieszka Jaworowska, obtained permanent residency through employment, & Peter Dziedzic of Westwind Express Trucking - satisfied business client. Appearing at the end of the advertisement are Christopher Kurczaba and his two sons - Harley & Hudson.
  • Immigration Advice Program on Polish News
  • VTS 01 1
    Christopher Kurczaba provides immigration advice in this Polish Language Program as he regularly appears on Polish Television Chicago.
  • VTS 01 2
  • VTS 01 1
    Kurczaba, Christopher Kurczaba, host of the television Program Polonijny Grafiti as shown on POLVISION interview with Chicago Police District Commander - 16th District
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